McSweyn the Mile King Returns

November 15, 2021

Stewart McSweyn returns to the Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals for the 2021/22 season.

Stewart McSweyn is the biggest name in Australian athletics right now and has been for a couple of years. For good reason.

McSweyn is a must have name on a start list for any meet director around the world. Now, he returns to the TasCarnivals series for the sixth time.

“I love coming back to the carnival series! There is no place in the world I have more fun racing than at the carnival series. Probably for me the highlights were breaking the 4-minute mile in Devonport in the 2020 series and then the world lead in the mile in the 2021 carnival series,” McSweyn said.

On December 29 last year, McSweyn clocked 3:50.61 for the mile at the Penguin track. The race made global news not just for being the quickest at the distance for the year, but also quirky stats like ‘fastest mile ever run in a town named after a bird’. It also helped to put the town of 3849 residents on the global map.

“I actually did have a lot of people ask about it, especially because most of the world leads are run in big track meets such a Monaco, London or Zurich. To have Penguin, Tasmania on the world lead list last year was pretty cool,” he laughed.

In August, McSweyn finished 7th in the Olympic 1500m final. It was the highest place by an Australian male since Herb Elliot won in 1960.

“I definitely felt the support of the Tasmanian public when I was over in Tokyo! I walked away from Tokyo knowing that I gave it everything I had throughout the 3 rounds of the 1500m so that was satisfying. To make the final was an initial goal but in the final I did everything I could to try and bring a medal home.

“I still think I’m a 1500m - 10,000m runner, obviously once I decided to only focus on the 1500m at the Olympics that became the focus and what most of my races this season were geared towards that,” he added.

Days after his final 1500m of 2021, McSweyn debuted at the half marathon distance in the UK, clocking 62min 52seconds before travelling back to Australia for 2 weeks quarantine.

“It was a tough turnaround off 72 hours post Diamond League Final in Zurich. I definitely hadn’t done the necessary training to run a quality half marathon. Although afterwards it left me pretty excited to see what I could run with a greater preparation and focus on the event,” the 26-year-old said.

2022 offers a unique double championship in athletics. With the World Championships in Oregon and the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, McSweyn will be looking to improve on his 7th place in Tokyo across a range of events.

“I haven’t decided on events yet, but I’m definitely hoping to be competing at both the World Championships and Commonwealth Games next year. I would love to try and do more than one event if the timetable allows it and I’m lucky enough to be able to qualify in multiple events again,” he said.

But before he pulls on the green and gold again, he’ll pull on the backmarkers red singlet and run the Devonport mile on December 29 and Burnie mile on December 31.

“I’m really looking forward to competing in both the Devonport and Burnie carnivals. What most excites me is how good the atmosphere of the events is going to be. With live crowds back at sporting events in Australia it is going to be an awesome atmosphere.”

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