Moloney to Return as an Olympic Medallist

November 28, 2021

After a well-earned break, Ash Moloney's next series of races will be at the Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals, where he returns a much better-known athlete than when he won the Burnie Gift on New Year’s Day in 2019.

It was one of most memorable moments of the Tokyo Olympics.  

It coined the phrase ‘Doing a Dubler’.  You know what we’re talking about.  When Cedric Dubler sacrificed his own Olympic performance to pace, support and cheer like no man had cheered before at his training partner Ash Moloney.

21-year-old Moloney then dug into the well and produced the 1500m run of his life to take home the Olympic bronze medal in the men’s Decathlon.  

After a well-earned break, his next series of races will be at the Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals, where he returns a much better-known athlete than when he won the Burnie Gift on New Year’s Day in 2019.

“My performance in Tokyo was way above my expectations as I didn't expect so many events to come together so neatly, especially my high jump but looking back I believe I could of done better I made a few rookie errors which is all part of the decathlon.  But these errors I normally don't make, but I put this down to not competing on a world stage since 2019 and also it being my first Olympics,” Moloney said.

Despite being a World Junior champion, Moloney headed into the Tokyo games relatively unknown.  That’s all changed now for the Queenslander.

“Life’s been good, as they say performance buys privilege and with that I've taken advantage of every opportunity and I've only got 3 years till Paris 2024. I'm not satisfied with just 3rd!” he declared.

After winning the Burnie Gift almost 3 years ago, Moloney has experienced the full highs and lows of a professional athlete.

“I used the prize money (from Burnie) to fuel my athletic journey heading into 2019 to pay for flights over to Gotzis, one the biggest competition for decathletes other than World Champs and Olympics. This trip I believe helped fuel my success at the Olympics as this was my first International competition with the world's best but also last before Tokyo.

Then injury struck, as he was building up for the Australian domestic season in Spring of 2019.  

“I had a lisfranc fracture which is an injury many do not come back from. I was in a moon boot for 8 weeks and then a massive rehab stage to get strong again. This injury alone could have ended my career,” Moloney explained.

Circling back his thoughts when he won the $9000 cheque in Burnie as an 18-year-old, Moloney said the experience taught him plenty and he’ll return to the 400m at Devonport and 120m at Burnie.

“Winning the gift in 2019 was an unbelievable experience going from just a few days beforehand, running my first pro race, to winning the big one. I think what I remember most about the gift races was the other athletes giving me tips and tricks to help me out as I had no clue what I was doing from where the blocks were and giving me some spare 12mm grass spikes cause I came in with a lousy 7mm track spikes!”

“I think the 120 might be my favoured event especially in gift racing I can let the animal out and just go for it but I love going after a 400m it’s a deadly event,” he laughed.  

The fearless Olympic medallist declared he was readying for bigger things in the short-term future, before changing the colour of his Olympic medal in Paris.

“2022 is a massive year I have world indoors, world champs and comm games and I aim to medal at each of those comps and with world champs and comm games being so close together I'm just gonna have to throw the war paint on and get after it,” Moloney stated.


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