Steers Goes 9 in a Row in Rosebery

December 18, 2021

Saturday December 18 marked the first Carnival of the 2021/22 TasCarnivals series, at Rosebery.

Kody Steers produced his quickest ever chop in winning his 9th straight 400mm Tasmanian Underhand Championship at the TasCarnivals season opener at the 65th Rosebery Carnival today.

Steers stopped the clock at 36.03seconds on his way to a memorable victory.

“I put a bit of pressure on myself today, as it’ll be good to get to 10 in a row.  If I got beat in this one, it’d shatter that dream, so it’s a weird feeling but I’m happy it’s over.

“I think I’m getting a bit smarter in how I cut the log.  Probably no stronger than I have been in previous years, but just a little wiser,” Steers said.

Women got their own 100m Gift once again, for the first time since 2006.  Former Tasmanian 100m record holder Mel Kaye was the last Rosebery Women’s Gift winner, but that changed today thanks to Emma Penney.

Running from 9.5m the Ricky Clark trained sprinter held on to win the historic race.

“I’m pretty excited about this one.  I think the women do it hard against the men down here so it was nice to have women out on their own and give it a good hard crack,” the Frankford runner said.  

In the men’s gift, Adam French claimed the biggest win of his career.  After growing up watching it as a youngster, he declared the win was extra special for him.

“It’s so good to come down and get the win after coming here for so many years.

“It’s awesome, I’ve been in the final the last 3 years in a row and actually false started last year.  It feels great to come down home and get the win,” French said.  

French, who spent time living in Rosebery, said he could feel the local support in the crowd.

“They yelled me across the line.  I’ve got my family up in the grandstands and all the boys from the Rosebery footy club are up in the can bar, so it’s great for the sport,” he added.

Tim Taylor added the Rosebery Wheelrace to his resume, taking the open event and $1000 first prize off 100m.

Having the women in the field off the front mark, Taylor declared the task was daunting early into the 2000m journey.

“It was tough, I didn’t feel too good early, but got into and the legs came back to me.  Having the women out in front made it a really tough race.

“When I got to 100m to go I thought I might have a chance, but with 200m to go I didn’t think I’d be able to get up.

He now has career wins in the St Helens and Rosebery wheels, indicating his goals for the remainder of the TasCarnivals series.

“Hopefully place in a big Wheelrace.  If I do that, I’ll be really stoked,” he admitted.  

Not done with the one win for the day, he backed up in the Men’s Rosebery Derby over 4 laps with  timely and decisive kick with 300m to go.  Taking the rest of the field by surprise, the gap widened to 5 bike lengths in the blink of an eye and victory was assured.

In the distance running, Abby Henderson held on off her mark of 220m to win the $500 first prize in the 800m.

Competition returns in 9 days time, with the Hobart Bikes and Spikes at New Town Oval on Tuesday December 27.


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