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The mad, mad, mad, mad world of Ebony Goricu

The mental Career path of Ebony Gorincu!

Not one of the biggest names at the Carnivals maybe... but hows this for variety?

Lead the early rounds of the clean and jerk at the commonwealth Games where she finished 6th ... yes ... weightlifting!!!! Totally mad... but not the first weightlifter to get on a track bike!

Buuut get this... was an accomplished sprinter and hurdler at national level before transitioning to bobsleigh... yes... bobsleigh. Can you believe it?!!! She just missed a spot in the Australian team for the Sochi Winter Olympics.

NOW... she has a Cycling Women’s Sprint Bronze Queensland State Titles under her belt. Bed maybe. Expect some fireworks!

Expect her to make a race of every race!

Expect that there will be no backward steps taken!

The established super-stars will need to keep their wits about them.

It will make for exciting racing... and not from just a handful of pros at the peak of their powers.

Come and make a noise!

If you can still hear the commentary, you're not yelling loud enough!

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