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This mile might be mile of mayhem! Can't wait!!!!

It’s a big rivalry, one of the more famed rivalries in Australian athletics, but do they hate each other? The short answer is ‘No’, they say, though, given their competitive natures, we’re pretty sure they hate being beaten… by anyone… especially each other… maybe.

Linden Hall and Jess Hull, two of the biggest names in Australian athletics are mates… much as it would make for more dramatic news if they loathed each other. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be fireworks!

They’ll be going head-to-head in Devonport on the 29th and Burnie on the 31st of

December and it will be a battle worth seeing.

And there’s a twist in this plot. They won’t just be racing each other… or other top women. They’ll be racing the men as well!!!! And from what they’ve been saying they may be more focussed on humbling as many of the men as they can, than beating each other.

We're not sure we believe them :)

This is handicap racing, so you can expect it to be close! Back markers, front markers, male, female should in theory all finish together.

It could get VERY ‘interesting’. We may need a wider track. There could be more than a dozen pressing for the line together on a track made for six. Middle distance racing meets dodgem cars?

No matter the outcome, it will be a great spectacle! A spectacle you probably won’t get the chance to see again.

Devonport Dec 29 and Burnie Dec 31

Be there. Make some noise.

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