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All you need to know about Tassie's iconic Christmas Carnivals!

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

You'll need more than the dates... we know. So we've rebuilt our website!

Information on every Carnival. What you can expect. Why you should be there... a bit of history some of us might remember... and some of us should hear about.

Entries for running events are now open.

Cycling entries will be open within days.

Tickets available for some Carnivals already and more coming soon.

Subscribe to keep updated as we announce the superstars that will be entertaining you. Choppers as fast as a chainsaw. Runners that can break School Zone speed limits. Cyclists hurling around at 70kmh plus, Rock Drillers that are simply beasts.

See the Carnivals live this year. The bigger the crowd, the better the atmosphere. We need you there to make some noise!

PS It's a new site. There will be glitches. Please use the contact for to let us know :)

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