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But how will he go with Aussie hardwood? Find out.

'Sports Illustrated' desdcribed him like this...

"In a past life, or a Game of Thrones episode, Arden Cogar Jr. would have made a splendid executioner, so skilled is he with an ax. Instead, the 43-year-old Cogar is a defense attorney for a firm in Charleston, W.Va. At 5-10, 270 pounds, he’s also one of the top timber sports athletes in North America. While many readers may have an incomplete understanding of what it is that a timber sport athlete does, it does not entail skipping, jumping, or the pressing of wildflowers."

He's won the Sthil Timbersport Series five times! He's a Timbersport icon in the US as was his father who was still swinging his axe at 80+.

Apparently he turns to Timbersport as an outlet for the aggression-fuelled anger that comes with the practice of law.

Although he's just felled a foot 63’ Christmas tree (the traditional way... no petrol) that will be touring West Virginia before heading to DC for a tree lighting ceremony... he's going to be HERE for Christmas!!!

Can't tell you which Carnivals yet, but we'll keep you updated when we know :)

You can get your chopping fix at Rosebery on December 16, Burnie on the 31st and St Helens on January 20.

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