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He hasn't given up. Show him you haven't given up.

If we can make sense of the Stawell Gift website, Jara Konteh either made the final last year... or he’s made the final for next year... which doesn’t sound right. I’m guessing it was last year’s final under a 2024 page header. Anyway, it looks like the hamstring is less of an issue under the new coach.

It might be his time. It sounds like he’s worked for it. Come and yell at him. He’ll appreciate it. We'll appreciate it... and the more people that come and make a noise this year, the more spectacular we can make the shows next year.

Bring a tin can full of washers and rattle the .... umm ... hell out of it :)

Be there and make a noise! Lots of it!!!!!

Hobart Dec 27. Launceston 28th. Devonport 29th. Ulverstone 30th and Burnie 31st.

And don't forget the craziest Carnival of all at Rosebery on December 16th... and a weekend by the beach at St Helens Carnival on January 20th.

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