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Locals riders are the real heroes. Entries close on Dec 8th

Crowds loooove local riders!!! There are few things they like more than one of their own getting up for a win over an import... especially an underdog or our own. So, local star... local has been... local up and comer... local sly dog... local underdog... local too old to race, but does it anyway... local on borrowed track bike... we want you here!!! The crowd wants you here!!!!!

The crowd will make you feel like their hero!

And even if some super star beats you and gets their mug in the paper or on TV, you'll be able to tell your friends that you were racing them. They'll be impressed that you were there! More impressed if you beat them... and you don't have to tell them about handicap racing :)

Entries close on Friday December 8th. Don't miss the loudest crowds in a decade.

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