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Not a cent to pay... and it's here in Ulverstone. All the stars of the Carnivals... almost. Plus a bunch of very threatening locals.

All the International stars... National Champions... World Champs... will all be charging around the streets of Ulverstone.... faster than you can legally drive your car... and you get to watch them free.

Consider it a preview to what will happen in Burnie tomorrow night! No charge, but just as thrilling!!!!

Elite racing starts at 4.00.

Criterium racing is mad!! 

It’s a street race 

on high-tech machines 

powered by super-humans.

It’s a bike race.

International, mainland and local cycling stars

screamimg around the streets of Ulverstone.

And you get to watch it FREE!!!

It’s fast... thrilling... to tally mad.

Ulverstone riverfront December 30

Pick a spot. Pick a favourite 

and scream your lungs out.

Come annnnnd make a noise!

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