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Outside Voices Needed!!!! Lots of them!!!

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

We're looking for people that like to make a noise.

The Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals are on... and we want them to be the noisiest Carnivals in a couple of decades.

We've signed up some top cycling and running talent for home... and some internationals that will have their work cut out to earn their share of well over $120,000 in prize money. Some of the most impressive humans to wield an axe are already starting to play mind-games with those that would take their cash and sashes... and some mad miners were at Rosebery doing some things many of us have never seen!

You'll see quality international cyclists at EVERY Carnival from Belgium, Malaysia, China, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and Korea doing battle with mainladers like Graeme Frislie with 24 National titles to his name... Stephen Hall who's aiming at his 460th victory - yep, you read that right... Byron Davies, National Champ in the 1000m topping out at around 70kmh to do the kilometre in less than a minute! And many more stars and rising stars ready to knock them off. Not literally. But who knows.

But all of them will have to overcome local stars like Josh Duffy, Dalton Stretton and Lauren Perry who are more than capable of humbling them all!!!! It will be thrilling!!!

There will be runners fast enough to get booked in a school zone!!!... Jake Penny - the fastest man in Victoria and 8th fastest Australian ever... and Jacob Despard, Tassie's fastest man... our own Jack Hale and Jagga Pibus. No favourites! Any of them can win... or be beaten by an outmarker that's having 'a day'. Handicap racing is unpredictable... we love it!!!!

And there are women... very fast women... like local, Lucy Carter and massive names like current Australian 1500m record holder Linden Hall duking it out with long-time rival Jessica Hull to see who gets the glory in the mile at Burnioe and Devonport... against the men... in handicap race that could be chaos at the finish. Did we mention that we LOOOVE handicap racing?

There will be axemen including local young gun Kody Steers, Stephen Foster (yes, another Foster!) and an absolute legend of the sport from the US, Arden Cogar all smashing through a tree trunk in the time it takes you to pour milk on your cerial.

... and humans that think they can fly... at Devonport. Pole Vaulters! Some of the countries best putting on a show. Plus trampolininsts... not sure how you spell that, but you know what we're saying. It...!

It will be thrilling. It will be noisier if you're there.

We want you... the athletes need you. Come and spend a day watching other people make an effort while you have a bite and a yell.

Rosebery - December 16th - Rock drillers and maybe the only velodrome on earth with a cliff face instead of a fence! OK, You've missed Rosebery. It poured... so the cycling action has moved to Burnie this Friday the 22nd. Free for noisy spectators!!!!

Hobart - December 27 - Nervous Mainlanders and Internationals get their first taste of Carnival life. You can expect some drama!

Launceston - December 28 - Nothing sounds like the velodrome. Can anyone combat the tactics and track skills of the Malaysians? They surprised almost everyone last year.

Devonport- December 29 - It's always big... and loud. Bring your voice and some throat lozenges. Oh, and an appetite. Ther will be Amazing food at teh Taste of teh Carnival!

Ulverstone - December 30 - A Crazy Fast Criterium on the riverfront!!!

Burnie December 31 - Labelled: ‘the best one-day sporting event in the world!' enough said!

St Helens - January 20 - The peaceful carnival on the sunny East Coast. Make a holiday of it.

The only thing missing is you! Take a look at our new website to see what you'll be missing out on if you sit at home and watch a movie yiouy can see anytime.

Not tickets required for the Ulverstone Criterium!! Just be there and scream!

PS If this is your photo please contact us. We've love to add a credit.

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