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Tom Choi can do 200meters in 10.3 seconds... and he’s only 16!

He’ll get faster... and he’s already a danger to the bigger names.

Could he be the youngest Wheelrace winner ever?

He just won a Silver and Bronze in the U19 Kierin and the Sprint at the South Korean National Championships. Expect him to upset a few of the more experienced riders.

He’s just one of more than 20 internationals you’ll see at the Tasmanian Christmas Carnivals... including almost a dozen Malaysians, two Chinese stars, a bunch of New Zealanders, a Canadian - maybe more than one, an Austrian and a team from Iran with some very solid credentials.

There will be serious speed... maybe just a touch of confusion and a clash or racing styles to add to the drama.

You won’t want to miss it!

Fill a tin with nuts and bolts and come and make as much noise as you can!

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