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150 Stars. 12 Malaysians! 6 New Zealanders! 2 Chinese Stars and 1 Jack Hale! Sounds like Christmas!

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Add great coffee; artisan (fastish) food; a bit of the right kind of noise;

our own World Champion Lauren Perry;

Comm Games medalist, Tassie's Josh Duffy;

Jack Hale... you've probably heard of him even if you've never watched a running race; winner of more than 450 bike races, Stephen Hall;

did we mention Jack Hale?;

24 time National Champion Graeme Frislie;

a couple of dozen of Tasmania's fastest sprinters and middle distance runners...

and you can put your feet up and watch the someone else doing all the hard work. You'll have a job to dfo too. Come for the whole day... bring an eski... and something that makes a noise. A couple of pot lids... thunder sticks... clapp sticks... a can half full of bolts. You'll think of something!

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