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A Recipe for a Mental Madison

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Ingredients - may change before the final serving.

24 time National Champ Graeme Frislie

Winner of over 450 races Stephen Hall

World Champion local Josh Duffy

Chinese Madison specialists Jiang Zhihui and Ni Erpeng

Four endurance specialists from Malaysia

Current Oceania Pursuit Champion James Moriarty

Enduro Hard man with speed, Kurt Eather

Two young guns from NZ with a bag of medals. Jasmes Gardner and Marshall Erwood.

Threatening successors like Dalton Stretton, Jonas Shelverton, Sam McKee, McKenzie and a dozen more.

Place them all in the bowl... dangle money and glory over the bowl and set them loose!

It will be a spectacle! 24 ... or more... blindingly quick endurance riders out to impress the big crowd we ned you to be part of.

We’ve done out bit Launceston... all we need now is you there blowing the roof off the Silverdome.

And this is just one event! There are dozens more featuring our own:

Launceston World Champ Lauren Perry

Crowd thrilling speedster Lizanne Fox. If you’ve never seer her, you’ve probably heard her!

I believe she may have a special skinsuit for the occasion.

Launceston Wheel winner and two time winner of the Melbourne Cup on Wheels Amelia Mulhern.

13 Malaysian stars

6 New Zealanders

and too many more to mention right now.

Be there. We have noisemakers for your kids. It will be spectacular.

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