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Doesn't mind a bit of close racing! Just what we want!

James Gardner is a speed addict and he’ll bring some drama to the Tassie Carnivals. Youthful enthusiasm on top of obvious talent... he’ll light things up... especially if you’re there yelling at him! Please come and make a noise.

James is obviously mad... he started off as an extreme downhill mountain biker. Just nits! Then he had a crack at cross country mountain biking and road cycling... and hated it!!!!

Then the speed addiction kicked in and road cycling was back on his speed seeking radar. Now he has discovered the adrenaline hit that comes with even more speed... on a track bike... with no brakes!!!!

This year he rode his first elite Tour of Southland attacking in his debut stage and winning solo with a charging peloton a solitary second behind him.

You’ve seen his record chasing medals... in Tassie, he’ll be chasing cash... and the adrenalin hit that comes from racing shoulder to shoulder in front of a noisy crowd. That’s your job. Bring the noise.

But... he also needs a bed in Hobart on December 24th and on January 1st and 2nd in Launceston. We’ll put him up the rest of the time.

Who wants a Kiwi for Christmas?

Does anyone have a spare bed?

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