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Don't be fooled by the disarming smile!

Ok, the smile is genuine... he's a lovely bloke, but stand him between two white lines and point him at a finish tape about 100meters away... and the smile turns into a snarl.

Saye Morris has already had multiple Gift wins in the last 18 months and who knows what would have happened at Stawell if he hadn't been forced to pull out with a hamstring injury after qualifying for the final!

He shook his head a little... stared into vacant space for a while, then smiled, put Stawell behind him and snatched an early Christmas Gift (pardon the pun) winning the Geelong Gift just a couple of days ago. And there were Gift wins at Frankston and Waverley before that. So we know he's in form and he's ready to let it rip!!

Mind you... for some odd reason he's said that Waverley was a fluke, as he"didn't think he could win it again". I reckon winning it once could be classed as a lucky... twice, sounds like a plan. If he wins it again... then we should be calling it a fluke... or him a God.

He's had a crack at a lot of sports, rugby (he'd take some running down...probably never been tackled) and he played soccer and basketball before he won at a couple of school meets and got a … "taste of blood". Running became his thing. Our gain!

He will be exciting to watch! Keep an eye on his face and see the transition from gentleman to speed-beast!

Come and make a noise. Runners run faster, cyclists get more desperate, choppers hit harder and everyone had a better time when there's a noisy crowd watching... and yelling for more.

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