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Five kids - some are adults!! Age is just a number!

Rode from Hobart to Devonport and caught the ferry to Melbourne.

Raced Melbourne to Warrnambool and finished third or maybe fourth after leading at 200m to go. Rode back to Melbourne to catch the ferry, then Devonport to home.

No, that wasn’t Suzanne... that was her grandfather. But it might give you some idea of exactly how a woman somewhere shy of 50 and a very decent amount more than 40, with five kids can win one of the biggest wheelraces there is... and she was NOT off a front mark!

She’s also won St Helens wheelrace at a canter with a bunch of 8 or 10 men charging after her. I think she was 47ish... one of her five kids was already married!!! You can NEVER EVER write her off... and it doesn’t matter much who she’s racing. She’d be appreciative of some noise. Please come and do some yelling.

The smiling assassin with her is brother Simon Price... a name that strikes fear in the hearts of those that have raced with him... and a respectable amount of respect.

Oh, and there’s grandma too. A trailblazer... and carrier of exception genes, obviously.

A family of racers with a very good dose of natural ability and a much, much, much bigger dose of grit and determination.

She'll make it worth the price of admission. Come and make some noise!

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