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It's always a struggle when you want to be better than your best.

I just want to say sorry to all of the athletes who’s stories I haven’t yet been able to tell.

I’ve had dozens of hearbreaking, heartwarming, inspiring, emotional stories from some absolute superstars and it’s clear that there’s a whole lot more to them than a fast pair of legs and arms. 

We’ll see some astounding victories and we’ll laud the victors, but every athlete out there has a story of serious injury, the deepest disappointment, set backs, fightbacks and tears that you’ll probvbaly never see in public. And there have been stories of unconditional support, sacrifice and inner fight, that will show you how vulnerable... and resilient these athletes are. 

Whether you’re a super-star like Linden Hall, or a mum like Melissa Turner racing from the front mark to show her already impressive daughter, that it’s not just about the win. It takes courage to step up in front of a crowd and allow them to measure you against the best.

Adn let’s face it, only one of them will be the best on the day.

There will be nerves... but not about whether they win or not... the nerves will be about whether they’re going to look like an imposter, a fake that should have had the sense to just sit in the stands and watch. BUT they get out there... all of them with the same fear... and the same resolve to do their absolute best.

That’s what these Carnivals are about... not just who gets across the line first. Humans overcoming advertisty. Putting up a fight.

Hopefully we will get to tell more of their stories before the series is over, but if we don’t, you can come and watch... the commentators have also heard these stories and they’ll be passing snippets on through the series.

Please come and support athletes that will turn themsleves inside out to put on a show for you.

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