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New Idea called him ‘The Survivor Sweetheart’, but throw him an axe and well... BAM!!

Yep... he can go!

He goes from mild mannered ‘Sweetheart’ on ‘Survivor Australia’ to smacking through a tree trunk with what seems to be some kind of super-power.... or demonic possession... you’ll need to see or you’ll never believe it!!!

He’s won some stuff... World Championships of course... and some hearts on Survivor.

As a fifth-generation cattle farmer, he was always more likely to become a World Champion Wood Chopper than a Gold Medal Figure Skater. In the comments you'll see him murdering a block in about eighteen seconds!!!!!!

He’s a machine!!!!! And you can see that he absolutely loves it.... really loves it!!! Really.

It’s mesmerising to watch and there’s enough adrenaline floating around for that 18 seconds to affect any spectators within 40 metres!!! It’s amazing... proper amazing. It’s impossible!!!

Don’t miss him!!!!! And the madmen with axes that think they can beat him... they might... they might not. Come and see the look on his face if someone does... and remember, it’s handicap racing... everyone has a shot. That’s what makes it soooooo exciting!!!!

Chopping at Rosebery Dec 16, Burnie Dec 31, and St Helens January 20.

More excitement in Hobart Dec 27, Launceston Dec 28 and Ulverstone Dec 29

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