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"OK... so I just haven't got what it takes..."

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Lucy Carter made a few all schools teams for the 200 and the 400 and 200 hurdles... BUT... things went south and she really thought she just didn’t have it.

She didn’t have it because she had it... endometriosis... she had endometriosis!

Great news! “You can fix that... right?”

Then she had treatment... surgery actually.

Then she met Ray Quarrell.

Then won the Hobart Gift

Then made the Stawell semis... that was as good as it was going to get. She was happy!

Then she overcame performance anxiety and won St Helens! Happier!

Then bravely had a crack at Stawell again. Expecting... ummm ... about the same.

Then shock! Won her heat... and the semi of the 70. Ballsed it up in the final though and broke... finished 4th.

The first Tasmanian female to make both 70 and 120 finals in the same weekend. 

Then  switched to 400s, bagged a trifecta at Richmond and won and won and won.

Then won Devonport after coming last the year before!!

There are some secret weapons. Please don’t tell her rivals.

Tarot Cards! Freshly painted nails! Always have your hair done. Always!


More illness in 2022.

More recovery.

Now running faster than she ever has. Watch... out!!!!!

Her biggest achievement? Making Ray Quarrell cry.

Ask her about it. After you've screeaaamed her to victory!

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