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Our toughest Christmas Carnival is suitable for kids!

Tell someone that you've competed at the Rosebery Athletic Carnival and they'll make certain assumptions about you. It's that tough.

The athletes are tough for sure... but there's a whole lot more than grunting, sweating, desperate athletes that makes Rosebery's Carnival worth a trip.

There's a heap to see at this crazy Carnival.

Rock drilling. An unbelievably unbelievable spectacle!!

Thrilling track cycling with athletes travelling at near 70kmh... with no brakes!!

Some of the State's quickest runners!

Chopping ninjas with axes!

And.... face painting for the kids... yes... there's something for everyone :)

Henna Art, Prizes and Giveaways, Pony Rides, Ice cream, Food, Roving Buskers, Can Bar, Beer and Wine Raffle... even a Car Show and Shine!

Make a weekend of it and take a look at our West Coast. It's worth the drive.

Saturday December 16th from 10 until 4.

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