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She got knocked down... you know the rest.

I'll let Mya Anderson tell her own story. Happy tears here.

"I think staying in the sport even with all the setbacks I have encountered is an achievement in itself, especially when many people have not believed in me or thought I would give up."

As with all sports its never smooth sailing. I've missed out on many teams but it has never stopped me from doing what I love. My biggest set back was a bad head injury in 2021. I crashed and split my helmet open.

I ended up having a year off the bike, I couldn't even work! But I got back on the bike and swapped from endurance track racing to sprinting.

I now have three Oceania medals - one silver and two bronze. Before swapping to sprinting, I won 7 medals from 7 endurance races at Nationals. 7 months after getting on the bike as a sprinter, I won a national title in team sprint and silver medal in the keirin."

I'm not superstitious, but watch out if she ends up with the number 7 salddle cloth at our Carnivals!

After all that she still says that her proudest moment had nothing to do with winning medals. It was competing in her fist ever three up Team Sprint at the NZ nationals riding with Ellesse Andrews. Maybe she can persuade Ellesse to come over next year :)

Come and make some noise. Let her know you love a fighter!

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