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Super-athletes! Face Painting! Rock Drilling! It's nuts!!!!

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Rock drilling. An unbelievably unbelievable spectacle!! Get some dirt on you!

Track cycling, with athletes travelling at near 70kmh... with no brakes... on a track with a solid stone fence!!

Runners hurtling down a track at almost 40kmh!

Chopping ninjas armed with razor sharp axes smashing through tree trunks at UN... BE... LIEVABLE speed!

And.... face painting for minors... and miners! I'd love to see that!!!! Yes... there's something for everyone :)

Henna Art, Prizes and Giveaways, Pony Rides, Ice cream, Food, Roving Buskers, Can Bar, Beer and Wine Raffle... even a Car Show and Shine!

The athletes are tough for sure... but there's a whole lot more than grunting, sweating, desperate athletes that makes Rosebery's Carnival worth a trip.

Make a weekend of it and take a look at our West Coast. It's worth the drive.

Saturday December 16th from 10 until 4.

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