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What in earth is a Moolap Missile?

It's one of these... this bloke... it's a Jake Penny. Probably for obvious reasons.

There’s another battle looming!!! And the ‘Moolap Missile’, is right in the middle of it ... and it will play out at the Tas Carnivals! Right in front of you! You’re going to be there? Yes? A chance to see our fastest, going at it to prove they should be the ones go to Paris in 2024. Don’t miss out!

Jake Penny has raced in the London Diamond Leage 4x100m - in front of about 50,000 noisy people and it “was a pretty surreal moment in my career”. Now he’s addicted to the noise.

That’s your job. Come and let him know you’re here.

“Calling my parents after coming 2nd at the Australian National Championships was pretty special to me. They couldn't make it to watch" he says. It sounds like telling mum and dad was more thrilling than winning the medal. That says a lot about him I think. Grounded.

Football was ruining his athletic career. “Injuries in the last few games of the season always set me up for a less than ideal Track season”. So, ‘goodbye AFL’... watch out Australia!

And hello massive Personal Best after years of ups and downs. Now the 8th fastest man in Australia! Ever!

Currently the unofficial holder of the Victorian record, smashing out a 10.14 a couple of months ago. Just waiting for that to become official.

Come and see what he can do against the local stars. We don't care who you barrack for, as long as it's someone!

Be here!

Scream. Cheer.

Picture: David Tarbotton

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