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You've missed some action but the best is yet to come!! Show up and show the them why Burnie is the Carnival Capital of the world!!!!!

It’s been called ‘the best one-day sporting event in the world!

If you’ve never been to the Burnie Christmas Carnival 

can you really call yourself Tasmanian?

We don’t think so.

Here’s ya chance

Cycling. Running. Chopping.

History. History. History.

World Champions

National Champions

Future Champions

Local heroes 

West Park Oval  December 31.

Be part of it.

Make a noise!

It's on right now!!... it will still be on when you've finished washing the car. Reward yourself!! Come to West Park Oval for the New Year's Eve Carnival and do some yelling... or eating... or drinking... or a bit of everything!

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