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The world's best,
competing for over $150,000
in prizemoney,
here in your backyard!

Let us entertain you!

For those of you that stayed home and watched the live stream last year, sorry, the live stream will only be available for selected events at some Carnivals ... but... it will be worth the effort to head for the event to support the athletes and see the big events live!

Bring your old dad that remembers his days in the saddle... or your mum that used to do the 100 in under 13... or a friend that just likes to yell at people making an effort, and make a day or it... or at least an afternoon.

You'll be able to yell at world, national, and local champions to 'go faster' and 'try harder'... 'ignore the pain'... or just 'keep go, go gooing!!!' as they battle it out for around $150,000 in prize money.

The carnival includes some of the world's best woodchoppers, elite daredevil cyclists, plus some of the fastest humans on two feet. 

With over 100 athletes from across the globe, this is a series you won't want to miss!

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