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St Helens really knows how to put on a show.  

Not the biggest Carnival. Not the smallest. Maybe the most relaxed!


This is one Carnival that you might want to plan some time away for.

Apart from this fun Carnival, there's so much to see and do in and around St Helens that you might want to stay for a few days.

This is a community Carnival. The whole community seems to get behind it. Subscribe for updates.

January 20th

Start time 9.30am

Great Coffee available - or BYO

Food available - or BYO

You can even get a beer







Schedule of Events

Note that times and event order is a guide only.
Final Program posted prior to the event.

For updates,
please subscribe here.

Date: Saturday January 20, 2024

Start time: 9.30am
Location: St Helens Sports Complex, Tully Street, St Helens

Event Program:

10.00 Cycling Junior Lightning

10.15 Cycling Mens Lightning Heats

10.30 Running 1000m Final

10.35 Cycling Womens Lightning Final

10.40 Cycling Mens Lightning Final

10.45 Running  70m heats

11.00 Running Junior 70m heats

11.10 Running Footballer's Sprint

11.15 Cycling Junior Wheelrace Finals

11.30 Cycling  Elimination Races

11.55 Running Masters 300m

12.00 Opening of the Carnival

12.25 Womens 70m Final

12.30 Running 70m Finals

12.40 Cycling Mens Wheelrace heats

1.00 Junior Scratchraces

1.15 Running 120m Heats

1.20 Running Junior 120m Finals

1.30 Running Salty Striders Golden Mile 1600m

1.40 Running Mens 120m Semis

2.00 Cycling Mens Wheelrace

2.10 Cycling Womens Wheelrace

2.20 Running Womens Gift

2.30 Running Mens Gift

3.00 Running Junior 1600m

3.10 Running Mens 400m Heats

3.20 Cycling Womens Scratchrace

3.27 Cycling C Grade Scratchrace

3.38 Cycling B Grade Scratchrace

3.48 Cycling A Grade Scratchrace

4.00 Running Womens 400m Final

4.05 Running Mens 400m Fina

Our sincere thanks to the Tasmanian Government for their crucial and ongoing support of this iconic series!

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