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A Crazy Fast Criterium Around the Streets of Ulverstone

If you've never seen one, you don't know what you're missing!

Tickets Not Required

Yes, the Madison has been replaced this year by the high speed thrills of a a street race by the river is Ulverstone.

Fun to race, fantastic to watch.

There will be races for juniors, a variety of grades and the super-stars, here for the Christmas Carnival series.

Better than watching the Tour de France if you want to do more than snatch a 30 second flash of colour. 

Watch each race develop lap after lap after lap. Daredevil cornering. Determined breakaways. Desperate chases to be there for the final sprint.

There's more to come on this developing turn of events. Stay up-to-date by

 Subscribing for updates.

December 30th

Start time 2pm

Bicentennial Park, Ulverstone

Ends 7pm approx

Cafes and restaurants...

even pubs nearby.

Cycling Only Event

Schedule of Events

Note that times and event order is a guide only. Final Program posted prior to the event.
For updates,
please subscribe here.

1pm-1.30pm  Road closure starts

1.30-1.50pm   COURSE OPEN/WARM UP

2.00pm      Junior Race U13 & U15 - 20 mins + 2 laps

2.30pm      D/E/F Grade - 30 mins + 2 laps

3.15pm      B/C Grade - 45 mins + 2 laps

4.15pm      Elite Women - 45 mins + 2 laps

5.15pm      Elite Men - 55 mins + 2 laps (A grade + NRS B grade riders)

6.20pm      Presentations


Our sincere thanks to the Tasmanian Government for their crucial and ongoing support of this iconic series!

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A huge thank you to Hardings Group  for their generous sponsorship
at short notice. We couldn't have pulled this off without your support.
Find out what they can do for you at

Hardings Group.jpg

Our sincerest thanks to the Australian Radio Network for their expertise and support as we re-build awareness of this iconic series.

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