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There isn't another Carnival like Rosebery on this planet!

Rock Drilling! Concrete fence! The toughest athletes on earth? 

Rosebery Carnival is unique. Even other athletes will sacrifice their warm ups to take a look at the Rock Drilling.

Rosebery is often an opportunity for some of the locals athletes to get some cash in their wallets and a sash or two before all of the internationals and interstate athletes arrive. The funny thing is, that this often makes for some of the best racing. The racing is always serious and the crowds are big, noisy and appreciative of the efforts of our top runners and cyclists. And then there's the Rock Drilling. Crazy strong athletes with the granddaddies of drills, boring their way through the impossible. A spectacle. Have a couple of days on the Coast and make sure you see Rosebery Carnival.  

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December 16th

Start time 10am

Ends 4pm approx

Food and drinks supplied by Rosebery Lions Club and the Rosebery Toorak Football Club

Alcohol in the Wet Area




Rock Drilling

More coming.

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Schedule of Events

Note that times and event order is a guide only.
Final Program posted prior to the event.

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Harold ‘Tiger’ Dowling 1000m Handicap

Under 13 1000 M Handicap 

Under 15 1000m Handicap

Under 17 000m Handicap

Womens 1000m Handicap

Under 13 Wheel race

Under 15 Wheel race

MMG Wheel Under 17 Mens

Final MMG Rosebery Wheel

Anne Drake Memorial Mixed Relay

Womens Miss and Out

B Grade Miss and Out

A Grade Miss and Out

Mens Derby

Womens Derby

Junior Graded Derby

Mens Point Score

Under 13 Scratch race

Under 15 Scratch race

Under 17 Scratch race First

Womens Scratch race

‘B’ Grade Scratch race

‘A’ Grade Scratch race

Other details to come Subscribe for Updates

Our sincere thanks to the Tasmanian Government for their crucial and ongoing support of this iconic series!

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Our sincerest thanks to the Australian Radio Network for their expertise and support as we re-build awareness of this iconic series.

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