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International and mainland athletes start their campaign in Hobart.

They're fresh... and they are very, very fast. So are our locals!


This is the first you'll see of the imports taking on the locals on a super-fast down hill 100m track and a cycling track that can be more than a bit tricky for visitors.

The 100m track has been realigned to give runners more run off at top speed... so they don't run into the fence!! The unexpected benefit is that from the grandstand, you get a better view of how fast they're actually going and a better idea of who's in front. And they will be very fast on the downhill run. Maybe we can expect some broken records.

The unpredictable bike track brings some home ground advantage and there are a couple of local stars that will be a better than even chance of depriving them of the cash. A newly crowned Hobart World Champion will be one to take full advantage... if her team doesn't whisk her away to an overseas gig. Subscribe for updates.

December 27th

Start time 10.30am

Ends 6pm approx

VERY Good Coffee

from Tow Bar




Schedule of Events

Note that times and event order is a guide only. Final Program posted prior to the event.
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1 10.30 U13 500m Lightning Handicap David Dennis Advertising

2 10.35 U15 1000m Lightning Handicap Claire Kirby

3 10.40 U17 1000m Lightning Handicap Revive Motional Health

4 10.45 Men Lightning Hcap 1000m Heats x3

The Conn Family - Aaron & Matthew

5 11.00 Women Lightning Hcap 1000m Heats x2 Ride Bellerive

6 11.10 U13 1000m Wheel race The Big Winner

7 11.15 U15 2000m Wheel race Claire Kirby

8 11.20 U17 2000m Wheel race Allie Performance Coaching

9 11.25 Maiden Handicap 100m Heats x4

Bennetts Petroleum Des McConnon Memorial

10 11.40 Masters Handicap 100m Heats x3 Masters Athletics

11 11.55 Open NuGen100m Heat Whitney Family

12 12.05 Open NuGen100m Heat Whitney Family

13 12.15 Maiden Handicap 100m FINAL Bennetts Petroleum

Des McConnon Memorial

14 12.20 Men Masters 100 Metre FINAL Masters Athletics

15 12.25 Men Lightning Handicap 1000m FINAL

The Conn Family - Aaron & Matthew

16 12.30 Women Lightning Hcap 1000 m FINAL Ride Bellerive

17 12.35 Open Nu Gen 100m FINAL Whitney Family

18 12.40 Open Nu Gen 100m FINAL Whitney Family

19 12.45 Men HOBART GIFT – heats x7 Signrite

20 1.20 Women HOBART GIFT – heats x6 Parmic Fire Protection

21 1.50 Women HOBART WHEEL 2000m heats x2 Dyson Painters

22 2.00 Men HOBART WHEEL 2000m heats x3 McMullen Lawyers

23 2.15 Men HOBART GIFT - semi finals x3 Signrite

24 2.30 Women HOBART GIFT - semis x3 Parmic Fire Protection

25 2.45 NuGen Nu-Gen 800M FINAL Whitney Family

26 2.50 Open Open 1,000m FINAL Tassie Link

27 2.55 Women HOBART WHEEL 2000m - FINAL Dyson Painters

28 3.00 Men HOBART WHEEL 2000m - FINAL McMullen Lawyers

29 3.05 Women HOBART GIFT - FINAL Parmic Fire Protection

30 3.10 Men HOBART GIFT - FINAL Signrite

3.15 Official Opening - Presentations

31 3.20 U13 Scratch Race – 4 Laps The Big Winner

32 3.25 U15 Scratch Race – 5 Laps Kevin Shearing

33 3.30 U17 Scratch Race – 6 Laps David Dennis Advertising

34 3.35 NuGen 300m FINAL Whitney Family

35 3.40 Masters 300m FINAL

Lyne Andrews Memorial - Hobart Athletic Club

36 3.45 Women A Grade - Elimination Race Parthenon

Souvlaki Bar Moonah

37 3.50 Women B Grade - Elimination - Wilson-Haffenden family

38 3.55 Men A Grade - Elimination Medhurst Kitchen Equipment

39 4.00 Men B Grade - Elimination Race McMullen Lawyers

40 4.05 Men C Grade - Elimination Race The Big Winner

41 4.10 Women 300m Heats x3 Murdoch Clark

42 4.25 Men 300m Heats x4 Ray Quarrell Sports Massage

43 4.45 Women Invitation Keirin Heats x2 Parthenon

Souvlaki Bar Moonah

44 4.55 Men Invitation Kieren Heats x3 Coy Building & Excavation

45 5.15 Women 300m FINAL Murdoch Clark

46 5.20 Men 300m FINAL Ray Quarrell Sports Massage

5.25 Presentation to 300m Winners

47 5.30 Women Invitation Kieren FINAL

Parthenon Souvlaki Bar Moonah

48 5.35 Men Invitation Kieren FINAL Coy Building & Excavation

49 5.40 Women B Scratch - 8 Laps Medhurst Kitchen Equipment

50 5.45 Men B/C Scratch - 10 Laps Allie Performance Coaching

51 5.50 Women ACES Scratch Race 6km - 14 Laps Dyson Painters

52 5.55 The "Allan Knight" Men ACES Scratch 10km - 22 Laps

Our sincere thanks to the Tasmanian Government for their crucial and ongoing support of this iconic series!

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Our sincerest thanks to the Australian Radio Network for their expertise and support as we re-build awareness of this iconic series.

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