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140 years of thrills... sometimes spills... always drama!

From the first recorded Burnie Gift won by G. Hale with a margin described officially as 'easily', running from 70metres... to modern day heroes on carbon machines flashing past cheering crowds at over 70kph, the events have changed but the excitement remains. Tasmania's Christmas Carnivals have seen careers made. There has been controversy. There have been losers.There will be winners. 

An event every five minutes. Exhaustion. Injury. Elation. Wonder. Joy. Sorrow. Packed into half a day of speed and power.

Some things don't change. The offering is just as thrilling.

Local heroes and super-star raiders from across the strait... across the ditch... and across the globe all fighting for the hearts of our crowds... and our prize money of course.

The Carnivals
Rock Drilling Roseberry.jpg

(December 16)

... is a unique town...

and a unique Carnival...

and it's not just the rock drilling competition that makes it extraordinary.

The setting is other-worldly and, being the first Carnival of the series, always seems to throw up some surprises for handicappers as well as those that watch.

Make a day of it... maybe stay overnight. The Carnival is a hoot... the area is worth exploring.

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Hobart Bikes and Spikes runner Mercury.jpg

(December 27)

Bikes and Spikes is your introduction to some of the internationals

and interstate athletes who arrive on Christmas and Boxing Day. The setting is beautiful. The prize money sufficient to promote fierce competition and the chance to cheer on the locals who are up against the odds agains some of the fastest and most experienced athletes. There will be fireworks and there are some locals that are likely to upset the superstars.

Photo Courtesy The Mercury.

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Launcestin Velodrome Mercury.jpg

(December 28)

...will be thunderous with the sound of 20 or 30 cyclists

belting around a steeply banked indoor velodrome.

The racing is always spectacular

and always super-fast. 

The smaller track means you're always close to the action and a decent crowd making a noise always inspires something exceptional... especially for desperate locals looking for a way to beat the big names. It will be noisy and a lot of fun at this cycling only event.

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r0_0_4424_2949_w1200_h678_fmax examinefr.jpg

(December 29)

...Carnival has some real history!

You can feel it in the crowd.

The adrenalin is infectious and you'll find yourself tightening through your core as you will on an underdog... or a hero... someone you know... or just the athlete you've adopted because their success may mean getting you into the draw for the major spectator prize.

Details on that coming later ;)

Devonport is a must-see. Really. 

You'll probably lose your voice... maybe some hearing. Be there to contribute to the noise.

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cycle race blurr crit.jpg

The Criterium
(December 30) Ulverstone

will be exhilerating... for spectators and the riders!.

This circuit by the river will test the cornering skill of riders and provide thrilling viewing for anyone on the sidelines.

Pick a vantage point early and bring a picnic or take advantage of the businesses nearby.

We promise you a great day watching some of the fastest people on pedals on earth... as well as lots of up and coming juniors and some very entertaining has beens:)

There's more to come.

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Burnie NT News chopping.jpg

(December 31)

... Carnival is absolutely iconic and for very good reason.

Burnie is where the great Danny Clark won the wheelrace from impossibly far back in 1977.

Google it. It's worth the four minutes of your time.

If there's a Carnival that epitomises the Series, it's Burnie.

Cycling, Running, Chopping and some surprise events and prize money that stimulates some spect

The prestige attached to winning the Gift... the Wheelrace... any event, is the making of history and legends... and 

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St Helens Advoicate.jpg

St Helens
(January 20) a Carnival, is a Carnival,

is a Carnival.

Everything about St Helens says 'Carnival'. The atmosphere is exactly that. A beautiful setting and 

the locals really put on a show, with great racing and a variety of entertainment, food stalls and other activities to make it a trip worth making. 

The runners, cyclists and woodchoppers love this Carnival and it shows. Competition is always fierce and the crowd is loud and appreciative.

This Carnival is fun, fun, fun.

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woman takeaway coffee cropped.jpg

Food. Beer. More

There will be quality vendors at every Carnival. 

Snags and burgers. Asian and gourmet rolls. Beer and Soft drink.

Coffee and coffee and coffee and coffee.

Surprises everywhere.

Famous people. Old Wheelrace and Gift winners.

Action everywhere.

If you've never seen a Carnival, now is the time.

If yiou haven't been for a while, we need you back. 

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It was an iconic moment.

Viewed by millions, multiple times.

A legend ascending to immortality.

Take a look at the video here.

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TasCarnivals would like to acknowledge the support, ideas, generosity of the Australian Radio Network.

Making the Tasmanian public aware of the iconic Tasmanian Christmas carnivals Series across the entire State would have been a far more difficult task without their support.

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