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Come for the Gift... everything else is free. Except the food:)

“Holy hell! I didn’t realise these guys were all coming!” He means guys and girls of course... but hat’s what one of our media guys and running aficionado, Mitch Dyer  said when he saw the start lists. 

No one will make the final just because they drew a lucky heat!

E-ver-y heat will be tough! 

The semis will be tougher! 

And anyone that makes the final will need to get every... single... thing... right

to be in with a shot at being able to call themselves a Gift winner....

or a multiple Gift winner!

Pick a favourite and do some yelling!

Make a bet with a mate... loser buys the coffee from the Tow Bar... or lunch from Seasons and Fire... or both if you both think you're on a sure thing.

The women’s field is huge... and quality. The men’s is bigger, but not quite a record... and there are stars that love to get one up on each other.

And a dopey fun fact. If you want your kid to be fast, give them a name starting with 'J'.

Five of the seven male back markers have names starting with 'J'.

Jesse, Jara, Jackson, Jagga and Jack - yes, that's Jack Hale if you're wondering.

Weird but true. We could have a final that will twist the tongue of even the most eloquent commentator. Good luck with that Xavier Williams!

AND... just to make it weirder... they'll be joined by Jacob and Jake (Despard and Penny) when the Carnivals head for the Devonport and Burnie

And while you’re waiting for the runners to do their thing... there will be World Champions, National Champions and rising stars on bikes to fill the void... you will not be bored!!

Get your tickets online or at the gate. And if you come in later in the day just to see the major events please support the athletes by scanning the QR code at the gate with your smart-phone for tickets if the gate is unattended.

No smart phone? Just walk in... you’ll still be more than welcome... especially if you add to the atmosphere and MAKE SOME NOISE!

The show starts at 10.30 with a list of events at

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