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Over-achievers can be a pain in the... umm... neck... he’s almost too nice to be THIS good!

Lets' get the boring stuff out of the way first.

He was the youngest ever Burnie Gift Winner in 2013, at 16 years of age!

He won his first Open State Championship at 16 in the 200m!

He has held U17, U18, U19 & U20 100m State Record Holder!

He won the 2014 Devonport 400m!

He won the 2018 Stawell Gift!

He represented Australia in the 4x400m at the 2022 Commonwealth Games!

He’s the current record holder for 100 yards & 200m!

He has the second fastest Australian 100m time!

He is currently Tasmania’s fastest man over 100 & 200 metres!

with PBs of 10.21 & 20.59

And here’s what makes him interesting.

“I started running to fix my bowling run up for cricket, then made the Australian U20 Athletics Team while still playing cricket... and eventually made the transition permanently”. Hmmm... he may well have been the fastest fast bowler Australia has ever had... across the ground at least... in a footrace. Having him charge at you at 40kmh with a cannnball in his hand would have had a few batsmen double checking their laundry. Sorry cricket, we’re glad he made the switch.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing either... like “not getting selected for the Australian team for the Oceania Championships in 2022.” So he just entered as an invitation athlete and came home with a Bronze in the 100... and a wry smile on his face. If he’d been picked, he would’ve made the 2023 World Championships. Still smiling though... a pretty clear indication of the kind of quietly determined individual we’ll be seeing in Burnie.

He’s set himself for Burnie. It’s hugely important to him. It will be ten seconds in time you’ll be glad you didn’t miss.

Come and make a noise for one of our own!

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